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"Become more each day; otherwise you become less."

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Never Giving Up; in Honor of Our Veterans

We all tend to get "comfortable"  where we are at in life... until we find a challenge. What do we do? We give up. We feel hopeless. Why do we we Americans feel hopeless? Have we seen what the rest of the world is going through- things they can not change so easily like famine, disease, poverty, dictatorships, no education system and on and on. THESE ARE REASONS to feel hopeless.

We all go through these feelings of hopelessness and helplessness more often than we would admit to each other. The Problem lies behind what we do from there. Do we give up? or do we decide no way, no how, I will find a way! Maybe it looks grim now but I will do something instead of allowing my fears to paralyze me from taking action. Action cures fear I once heard. Everyone great or small deals with fears daily. The productive person must decide to go through the 'fires' even if it means getting burned. Push through it, even if you are shaking and scared you may never see the end. If we chose to be brave in the face of fear, like our VETERANS, hope to succeed is born and an answer will inevitably present itself IF the person has the GUTS to accept it.

Strategies to help face fears:

1) When worried, write each worry/fear down like a check list and over time, work to fix each issue if it is in your power, if not scratch it off

2) Hang out with people who are positive and who care about you

3) Do something productive or to better yourself everyday, even if it is only for 5 minutes

4) Pray

5) Change negative thoughts in your mind to positive thoughts... just takes practice and never giving up

Whether it is losing weight or getting a college degree... chosing to NOT give up and believing there is an answer will give you better results than complaining or throwing in your 'towel'.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Are You Completely Healthy Inside and Out?

In the face of America's health or lack there of I might say, many pieces are on the table awaiting there placement into the proverbial puzzle of wellness. I have been there many times, where now 66% of people fall. There really isn't one answer to why people gain weight or find themselves in other "imbalances" within their lives. So I can say what I am about to say as a woman who has been both fat and skinny a few times in my life. I revert back to the word "BALANCE" again because in all my journey back to my happiest weight and self so far (I know the best is yet to come), I honestly believe this word sums it up. I want to make it simple for anyone looking for simplicity. What we actually need now, what we actually lack in America is BALANCE. If you travel to other countries, you will see that everyone else in the world tries to keep their lives in balance with their personal values and beliefs.

Me... a fitness instructor for fourteen years, I still had many times where I would give into stress or tiredness and would overeat and sit on my couch instead of exercising daily. I also NEVER took time to look within and continue my personal growth during these times. My faith was something I reserved for Sundays and occasional days here and there. I stopped volunteering and helping others. I stopped playing with my children. I stopped living.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Good news! Becoming balanced again or even for the first time just takes practice (like anything else). Some days I still get off balance but I reflect on how tomorrow can be better and I create routines to help me stay on track.

Make sure to keep COMMITMENTS and promises you make to yourself and others. It will create a discipline in you that will help you find that balance. No excuses! Do not make promises unless you are certain you can keep them.

Set healthy boundaries in your relationships in order to maintain peace within. Write down your personal principals to live by and use those to create boundaries of what you will or will not do... creating balance.

PLAN your life...menu, days, goals for the fam, yearly, weekly, ect...

People always ask me which supplement companies are good and I never had an answer until a year ago. I had such great results, I made it part of my business

One of those routines I can not live without is diet and exercise. I use Advocare for my nutrition and it has helped me lose and keep off twenty pounds, relieve depression, eliminate pain, and this all happened by getting the best sources of nutrients.

Monday, May 30, 2011


What is balance? We hear that word often by people who tend to focus on the deeper meaning of life.  The funny thing is that all the people who were successful in life, including the men who founded this great country, all appreciated and diligently worked to maintain balance in their lives. Yet, we do not think much about it, as a society. It's almost weird to be 'that' type of person, who thinks with a sense of spirituality, sense of purpose, or is it? Is it WEAK to care about your fellow man? To have character or not to have character- that is the question. Well who would argue that the people fighting for our countries' freedoms- have pretty strong character? Everyone knows these soldiers are extraordinary people. But does anyone care to know how that became those type of people? BALANCE.
Balance which is also referred to as discipline, is maybe the most important skill an accomplished person has and does well. Take time to research all the historical figures who made it through with sheer determination only because they balanced their lives in such a way that any goal could be accomplished. So I ask you today... can you AFFORD to lack balance in your life?

This was a subject difficult for me because I lived most of my life... off balance. Here is what has worked for me and most of this I learned from others who are extremely successful financially and spiritually. With all things... it just takes making this a HABIT. Keep trying.

1) Plan, Plan, Plan...the day before. Research shows that you GAIN more time the next day by doing this.

Plan workout time, what you will eat, when you work, drop kids, go to doctor, anything.

2) Stick to your plan no matter what!! But if you miss something, do not give up, do not feel guilty, just try harder, you will make it a habit.

3) Choose to Read for at least 5 minutes when you wake up- immediately!!! Bible or something that will make you a better person. Do it before you do anything else in your day.
People who do this tend to make informed decisons throughout their day and have reported more energy.

4) Determine your goals for your life- personally, financially, and within your family... then align those with your daily tasks.
Are you working toward your true goals daily?? Are your goals all talk no action?

5) No time to read, no time to exercise, no time to spend with kids? TURN OFF THE TV OR COMPUTER... come on, find what takes your time away from these things that should matter more. People who read are more successful- research shows, people who exercise are less likely to die, be sick, and a bunch of other things you all know!!!Time with kids should be sooo important anyway. They will grow up and you WILL wish you would have spent more time with them when they needed it.

6) When at work, work!!! Do not talk to your friends... make plans for later my friend. Maybe lunch time or a quick conversation.
Most people in this world are looking for someone to waste time with so they can avoid doing their work. Those are average people.

7) Find a day where you do no work, no calls to work or any related work things.
People report more energy during other work times and have more balance in other areas of life.

8) Go outside if you can. Sun light is so good for your body and mental attitude.

9) Do something nice for someone daily.
This energizes people. You can make the time. It may change your life.

10) Use your car to listen to spiritual or personal growth books or just be quite. At bedtime, have quite time before too.

11) Eat healthy foods.

12) Study in your field or read books on success by people who you know are successful daily or weekly.

Hope this helps you find that BALANCE or Discipline.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Many people have found themselves starting their own Advocare Business after using the products and knowing how professional and reputable the company is. Not only is it a company of integrity and eighteen years of experience, the training by others is phenominal. People you may not have known before have a strong desire to help others who want to succedd in this business for the right reasons. The main reason people are attracted to this company may be because of the financial and personal growth benefits.

People are looking for two things: More time or More money...

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Friday, March 11, 2011

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Best Weight Loss Program 24 Day Challenge

For those of you who are doing your own 24 day challenge but lose hope you can do it, look at all the positive results people have gotten. You are could be next with commitment and dedication!

Still have doubts??

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Friday, March 4, 2011

What Many Athletes Use-Advocare

I have been a fitness expert for fourteen years and my husband has been soccer player and avid athlete for his entire life. We both started with Advocare Cleanse after a friend explained the difference between Advocare Scientists and people who create cleansing products just to sell. While there may be many good cleansing products out there, we found Advocare to have ingredients listed we knew were natural and healthy. We looked at the Scientists credentials and found each had excellent reputations, not to mention Dr. Dudrick who works regularly as Yale Surgeon Professor. He is attributed for creating a nutrition system used for intravenous transmission.

What a Cleanse Should Have:
  • Effective Probiotics
  • Natural Plant Extracts for Cleansing
  • Increased Fiber Intake
Most Doctors/Scientists would recommend a person to find a cleanse with these componenets with high bioavailability.

Benefits to Cleansing:
  • Helps body rid toxins left in digestive tract
  • Body releases fat left in intestine/weight loss
  • Helps body absorbed vitamins after completing cleanse

More at http://supplementalscience.wordpress.com/